Saturday, August 30, 2008

I was out and surfed a little bit and found some very cute country stuff at ( a Swedish web page), perfect with a thought on that we is going to change our kitchen in our country house. I picked out some favourites, but it's a lot more at the web page.
At the first picture is it a soap box, it was so..pretty that I can't let it be, but it's a little bit expensive, 110 kr. Picture number 2 shows three supercool dish-brush, I be happy of them, I think is three for 90 kr. The third and the fourth image is from the designer Puhlmann, they have many diffrent kitchen appliance with 50s-retro, I specially catched for this dinner-bells and the kitchen scales. And at the last picture is it a bucket, I think it's so nice, so I couldn't let it be!

Friday, August 29, 2008

helena berggren

I think I start right now, this contribution is about a necklace designer (or I think she do other stuff to, but for the most is it necklace), Helena Berggren. I love this necklace, they are so cool, you can use it to everything, they are personaly and beautiful. For the most she work with plexi and silver, and you can even buy silver torque. She sell through desigentorget, but her store is at Norrbackagatan 9 i Stockholm , Sweden, or check her web page:, .
I recommend it big!

welcome to my design blog

I'm a happy girl in the middle of the teenagers who love to love furnishing, love funny stuff and design. That's why the funny idea: that I can start a designblog jumped up in my head. I have thought over diffrent things as I can write about, for a while was it celebrities gossip - but then I thought that I don't want that write private things about me. I even thought that music would be fun, but I can nothing about it, and a much more things. but it stopt at design and now is I'm happy with that. I not have English as my mother tongue, and I really need to improve my English, so now is I'm going to write in English, so please, don't mark all my wrongs (because it's going to be a lot).
I hope that this blog is going to be BIG, but if I hope to much I will be dissapointed, so we start with a objective is to have one reader per day.
I hope you enjoy.