Saturday, August 30, 2008

I was out and surfed a little bit and found some very cute country stuff at ( a Swedish web page), perfect with a thought on that we is going to change our kitchen in our country house. I picked out some favourites, but it's a lot more at the web page.
At the first picture is it a soap box, it was so..pretty that I can't let it be, but it's a little bit expensive, 110 kr. Picture number 2 shows three supercool dish-brush, I be happy of them, I think is three for 90 kr. The third and the fourth image is from the designer Puhlmann, they have many diffrent kitchen appliance with 50s-retro, I specially catched for this dinner-bells and the kitchen scales. And at the last picture is it a bucket, I think it's so nice, so I couldn't let it be!

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