Friday, August 29, 2008

welcome to my design blog

I'm a happy girl in the middle of the teenagers who love to love furnishing, love funny stuff and design. That's why the funny idea: that I can start a designblog jumped up in my head. I have thought over diffrent things as I can write about, for a while was it celebrities gossip - but then I thought that I don't want that write private things about me. I even thought that music would be fun, but I can nothing about it, and a much more things. but it stopt at design and now is I'm happy with that. I not have English as my mother tongue, and I really need to improve my English, so now is I'm going to write in English, so please, don't mark all my wrongs (because it's going to be a lot).
I hope that this blog is going to be BIG, but if I hope to much I will be dissapointed, so we start with a objective is to have one reader per day.
I hope you enjoy.


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